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In every area and in every way, miracles are unfolding for me from doing
this work—and as a result I am allowing my soul’s desires to manifest!”
Kerry Washington, actor
Film and TV leads:
Scandal, Django Unchained, The Last King of Scotland, Ray

"My life is forever altered in the best ways possible.
I can't begin to describe how amazing it is. Just do it!"

Karine Plantadit - 2010 Tony Nominee for Best Featured Actress


Design your own
private, couples, or group retreat



Are you craving a fun, inspiring, fulfilling life?
Do you wish you could confidently take risks
and go for what you want?
Would you love to consistently express
your unique gifts and talents?
Do you want to be guided by your heart and intuition?
Is it time for you to fully live your dreams?
Free and Alive is a unique, powerful transformation process that rewires your limiting patterns and reconnects you with your Authentic Self, so you create a life you passionately love
In private sessions (in person, on the phone, or via Skype), Miranda and Jana Saunders will:
  • Identify the core subconscious fears and beliefs that hold you back
  • Rewire and dissolve these patterns so that you are free from their limitations
  • Guide you to reconnect to parts of your Authentic Self (like your joy, power, creativity, intuition, passion…) that have been blocked
At the end of each session, Miranda and Jana will give you specific tools so you can continue to build this connection to your Authentic Self and manifest your goals from a space of freedom and integration. 

“Working with Miranda and Jana is a chance to build your own operating system for your soul.
I’m not stuck in old habits anymore. My synapses fire differently,
like I’m recoded, and I make decisions and choices in new ways.
The results are amazing and life-changing.”
Niko Bolas, record producer/engineer for
John Mayer, Neil Young, Melissa Etheridge, and Fiona Apple
 "It is such a profound gift.
My work with Miranda and Jana has changed my whole life!”
Elena Miliaresis, producer: ABC Network News, E! True Hollywood Story 
"Jana and Miranda guided me on an adventure into my soul,
where I cleansed my old habits and beliefs and emerged
clearly knowing who I am and what I truly need.
I'm now living the life of my fullest potential."
Amy Jo Johnson - actor
TV series leads: Flashpoint, The Division, Felicity

“The healing space that Jana and Miranda create is pure magic.”
Gay Hendricks, PhD., author of including Conscious Loving and The Big Leap

"I’ve experienced a 180 degree shift in releasing old patterns that were holding me back and I now feel nothing but freedom—onstage and off.”
David Alan Basche, actor
TV series leads: The Exes, The Starter Wife, Lipstick Jungle

Film: War of the Worlds, United 93, Full Frontal

If you are ready to...
  • Reclaim the power of your Authentic Self
  • Discover the purpose for your life
  • Redesign your life so your career, relationships, and creativity express your unique passions and talents
  • Dissolve the subconscious patterns that limit you
  • Unlock your intuition so you are guided by your inner knowing
  • Exponentially increase your personal effectiveness
  • Create such an inspiring vision for your life that every morning you can't wait to jump into your exciting day
...then you are ready for Free and Alive!

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Here are just some of the results our clients have created in their lives:
Career Success and Making More Money
Cast as leads in network TV series and Broadway plays, development deals for TV shows, launching new careers, promotions and higher salaries, writing for the Huffington Post, starting dance and theatre companies, becoming executive coaches, leading international seminars

Love and Relationships
Healing beliefs of being unlovable and undesirable, learning how to consciously communicate feelings and needs, creating greater trust and intimacy, detoxifying long-term relationships, resolving differences in loving connected ways, meeting and marrying soul mates

Overflowing Creativity
Directing a major film that broke international box office records, publishing "forever-unfinished" novels, raising $2 million for an independent film that premiered at Tribeca, creating art studios, building recording studios and recording albums

Health and Fitness
Losing 80 pounds, breaking sugar and smoking addictions, falling in love with their bodies, becoming yoga teachers, discovering passions for exercising and taking care of their health

And all those Wonderful Intangibles
- Self love and acceptance
- Feeling happy, energetic, spontaneous, and having a lot more fun
- Confidently speaking their truth
- Responding to challenges with presence, clarity, grace, and humor
- Making choices from joy and passion instead of fears and limitations
- Taking risks with ease and excitement
- Feeling a deep peace, contentment, and freedom

“Jana has the wonderful ability to see the core issues behind any problem and to facilitate profound transformation and healing. He is a master in so many areas: creating transformational breakthroughs, helping people express their true selves, and healing their bodies. He has contributed so much to my life, health, and personal growth.”
Marilyn Tam, former CEO of Aveda, former vice president of Nike
“I am forever changed.
I have learned to harness my power and now have confidence in my gifts.”
Victoria Leamer, registered nurse

“Working with Miranda has literally been miraculous. I have not only turned my career around but I have a whole new perspective on my interpersonal relationships and how I relate to the world. Now I can realize my full potential, and she has given me extraordinary, specific tools that I can take with me to guide me on that path. I've been transformed in immeasurable ways."
Jim Duff, director and screen writer

"Your work was the most powerful experience in my whole life.
It was truly a one of a kind experience."
Minako Saito, motivational speaker and author



Ready to transform your life?

Miranda and Jana work with clients around the world via phone and Skype,
so no matter where you are, you can start shifting your life now.

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